Castle Helmutsi

Chlemoutsi is located in the village of Kastro in the Municipality of Killini, in the western Cape of the Peloponnese. Being built on the top of a hill, it dominates the plain of Ilia.

The castle was founded in 1220-1223 by the ruler Godefredo I Villehardouino and was the strongest fortress of the Frankish principality of Achaia, which had a special edge during the Villehardouins. In order to carry out his construction, Godefredus collided with the Achaia Catholic clergy and used the proceeds for his construction. The new castle was named by the founders of Clermont, in Greek by Chlemoutsi, while the Venetians later called Castel Tornese because it was wrongly thought that here was the Frankish mint of the tornes.

Built in a strategic position, with extensive views of the plain of Ilia and the Ionian Sea, it protected the capital of the Princess Andravida and the important port of Glaredzas.