Holy Monastery of Panagia Kremasti

In the beautiful pine-covered ravine formed between the villages of Lanthi and Lampetti, the imposing Holy Monastery of Panayia Kremasti stands on the steep cliff with the magnificent view of the forest of Foloi and the mountain of Erymanthos. It is due to its name in the tradition that the icon of Virgin Mary found in the cave a shepherd hanging from the rock and the fact that the monastery itself seems to hang from the rock.

It was founded in the beginning of the 17th century, even on an inscription that is not preserved today, referring to 1601 as the year of construction of the temple. Due to its inaccessible location, during the Ottoman domination and the revolution of 1821, it was the meeting place of the chieftains and the refuge of the inhabitants of the area. It also had a great contribution to the education of the Greeks and, according to tradition, a hidden school functioned in its premises. In 1880 he became a shareholder of the Skafidia Monastery, regained its independence for a while and in 1933 it was transformed from male to female.

The katholikon of the monastery is a temple formed in a cave. In 1976, the cave was destroyed by landslide, and today only a natural hollow of the rock remains in its west. The temple has been completely renovated, has been enlarged and a marble icon screen and icons of Byzantine style have been added. In the monastery there are chapels of Saint Nektarios and Saint Anthony of the Great and there is a guest house for the hospitality of the visitors. The monastery chooses many pilgrims throughout the year, culminating on August 23, the day the Monastery celebrates when thousands of pilgrims flock to worship the Theotokos.