Hotel access

Orizontes View Hotel is located on a hill (800m) above the Katakolon, the tourist port of the prefecture of Ilia.

Access to the hotel is simple and easy. Follow the Provincial Road Pyrgos - Katakolo until the end, go uphill and continue straight on the road that goes up to the hill for 800 meters. There are distinct signs along the entire route.CAUTION !on the right turn which has limited visibility 400 meters before the hotel, reduce your speed and head all right.


Two main roads linking Elis with the rest of Greece:
1. National Road Pyrgos - Patras
If you come from Central, Northern and Mainland Greece by crossing the Rio-Antirio bridge and passing Patras, you will reach Katakolo through National Road Pyrgos- Patras. Turn right in Lasteikon intersection where traffic lights and signage sign to Katakolon.
2. National Road Pyrgos - Kyparissia E55 (Interchange Tsakona - Kyparissia)
If you come from Athens, Tripoli, Kalamata, Sparta, Corinth and Nafplion etc , crossing the new highway Athens - Tripoli- Kalamata, turn right to exit Pirgos at Tsakona ,drive straight until Kalo Nero and then turn right to Pyrgos.You will cross Kyparissia-Pirgos national road and you will be taken to our hotel through Pirgos by following the signs to Katakolon.

TIP 1: Intersection KALO NERO, National Road Pyrgos-Kiparissia
Kalo Nero is the interchange that connects the National Road Pyrgos –Kyparissia with the new Highway Athens -Tripoli - Kalamata. Reduce speed and follow the signs.

TIP 2: Along the highway Athens - Tripoli close the Motorist Service Station of Nestani you will find an exit sign for Ancient Olympia. Follow this exit only if you want to do a scenic ride to the mountain villages of Arcadia and Elis. The exit, leads to the old National Road of Tripoli - Ancient Olympia, is a scenic and beautiful route but is country road. In all other cases, continue your way on the highway by passing Tripoli and Megalopolis and follow the exit for Pyrgos at Tsakona’s interchange.

The most important destination of Ilia Ancient Olympia is located 33 km away from the hotel.
Follow the Provincial Road Katakolo- Pyrgos and turn left at the traffic light at Ag.Ioannis village. Drive straight ahead until the next traffic lights where is the junction of Lasteika and turn right onto National Road. Move straight ahead for 23 km to Ancient Olympia.