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Katakolon of ancient times located  in the region of ancient Feias. The port was lost at sea during the earthquake of the 6th century AD, while the islands Tigani and Korakas is still visible from Saint Andreas. The area had an important strategic role during the Byzantine and Medieval period, and at the remains of the ancient citadel  built  the Pontikokastro. After the liberation from the Turks, Katakolon shifted to the area it is today.

The railway line of Katakolon begun  its operation in November 1882 and was the second line built in the country after the line Athens- Piraeus, for  currant exportation.The line had a length of 12.5 km and built by engineer A. Straight , closed in August 1998 to restart in 2007, giving to more travelers the opportunity to travel directly from the port of Katakolon to ancient Olympia.

Nowadays Katakolon, seaport of Pyrgos, the capital of Elis, is the picturesque harbor of the area and also one of the major  tourist gateways in Greece. Visits touch one million per year, making this small village in the country's second port after Piraeus, in tourist traffic. The village enjoys extreme preference also for domestic visitors looking for quality holidays, as well Katakolon is second to nothing compared to other popular travel destinations.

Blue water, endless coastline and pristine sandy beaches, numerous dining options, entertainment and recreation as well as many attractions in and around the area.

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